CONCEZIONE ARTICOLI MONTAGNA PREMANA (C.A.M.P)     1889 - 2018 represents 125 years of innovation and passion. 

C.A.M.P's safety products are designed to be easy-to-use and solutions-oriented. Each and every piece of safety equipment is built with the highest level of attention to detail in order to guarantee that which is paramount of workers at height – to get the job done safely and efficiently. C.A.M.P started in 1889 as a one-man metal shop.  They maintain this heritage in the raw world of manufacturing where have passed the value of getting their hands dirty down through four generations of family owners.


SKYLOTEC was founded in 1947. It is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Fall Protection Equipment and safety systems for sports and industry.  This combination of expertise in the industry and technical knowledge in mountaineering constantly leads to new innovations to benefit users - whether at work or during their leisure time.

SKYLOTEC offers an extensive range of Personal Fall Protection Equipment : harnesses, ropes, carabiners, abseiling equipment and rescue equipment, fall arresters, and much more besides. High-performance and innovative products  Made in Germany


Petzl's roots lie in the desire of its founders to serve one passion: exploration. Since its beginnings in caving, the company’s mission has remained constant: to offer practical solutions that allow people to progress. Today that pioneering spirit, passion for exploration and ethic have not changed. More than forty years later, Petzl continues to invent products and provide solutions that allow sports enthusiasts and professionals to access some of the most inaccessible places, both day and night.

ZERO Height Safety and Fall Arrest Protection equipment includes; Safety Harnesses, Rope Access Harnesses, Height Safety Kits, Height Safety Helmets, Lanyards, Work Positioning devices, Anchor Devices, Fall Arresters, Self Retracting Lifelines, Fall Arrest Blocks, Static Ropes and Ropelines, Connectors Snaphooks, Karabiners and Hardware, Confined Space, Tripods and Winches, Rescue Equipment,  Rigging Equipment, Kit Bags and Accessories.

Dropped Tools can cause serious or fatal injuries when working at height.  For employers and Clients this can also mean equipment damage, costly downtime, litigation, fines and loss of reputation. 

Tool@rrest is a leading manufacturer of engineered certified solutions to prevent dropped tools in the 'work at height' sector.  Their systems centre around the creation of their patented tool tether.

Independently tested and fully certified.   Able to be retro-fitted to nearly all new and existing  hand tool stocks.   For hand and power tools up to 2.5kg.  Once tethered the tool can now be securely attached to a lanyard which is anchored to the operators tool belt or safety harness.  Individually traceable and easily inspected.  Durable, pliable, non intrusive.  Part of a complete Tool arrest system for safe working at heights (lanyards, tethered tool kits, bags, buckets, belts, holsters and power tool wraps).  Exceeds any and all current industry standards.  Contact us for more information on getting your tools tethered with Tool@rrest.