The presence of mostly exotic birds in urban and rural areas can result in damage to property and food processing areas through faecal accumulation on structures, tree limbs, branches, restaurant tables and chairs, benches, car roofs and bonnets.

Birds are carriers of a range of diseases, protozoa, mycoplasmas and viruses that can be transferred to humans by infected faeces, inhalation or ingestion of aerosols, and direct contact with birds or feather dust. When people become sick, there is an associated economic cost as well as the stress of dealing with illness.

Many introduced birds will also drive out or kill native birds to establish their territorial range, impacting on our unique environment. In many cases professional help is required, especially for bird control in public areas. It is important to take control of bird levels before they begin to impact on your business. You need to make sure the particular bird species feels unwelcome and does not want to return to such as hostile environment.

Bird control may require a management programme employing a variety of bird deterrent measures means there is less chance of bird shyness to one treatment.

We have and install several methods and products that can help move them on and keep their numbers down.

Bird Free in ready-to-use dishes is a patented preparation containing natural active ingredients that keeps all birds off all structures without harming them.

Bird Free is formulated so that birds won’t go near it: birds see ultraviolet light so it appears to them as fire. The visual effect, whereby birds see Bird Free as fire, is immediately evident following installation. Birds attempting to return to a habitat they have previously frequented will be observed veering off and landing elsewhere when they see the dishes of Bird Free in place.
Clients should be aware, however, that some sites, particularly nesting sites and long-standing night roosts, are so attractive to birds that a few dominant birds may still attempt to return for a day or two after Bird Free has been installed. After a few days even the most dominant of birds will give up and the site will then be literally bird free.